5080 Bonita Road, Suite A, Bonita CA 91902

What a wonderful way to reshape, reenergize, and reconnect with your body! Although I came to Yoga 'late' at 52 years old, I am finding that it is what I call 'the great elixir'. After nearly one year, I am feeling, looking and thinking GREAT! Some of the many benefits I have noticed?

* I have lost the roll around my middle!
* I can touch my hands to the floor!
* I can squat down so easily while at the store looking for those hard to find products!
* My skin is clear!
* My back feels like a rock!
* My mind is clearer!
* I breathe better!
* I feel powerful!

Thank you to Bonita Hot Yoga, Sonia, and the other wonderful instructors for a transformational year!

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