Bonita Hot Yoga - San Diego County, California


5080 Bonita Road, Suite A, Bonita CA 91902

Beginners welcome! Be prepared to sweat and have a great time!

Students are encouraged to review our yoga etiquette

All classes are hot yoga, 90 minutes long and are suitable for beginners

Classes must be pre-booked and pre-paid prior to arrival.
Reserved classes may only be canceled until 6 hours before class time.
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class starting time

No-show policy
If you don't attend a class that you reserve, 1 class will be deducted from your package
for monthly unlimited auto-pays a day will be deducted from current package for any no-shows.

Registering your account and purchasing classes is easy:
1. Navigate to Reservations. Register and confirm your email and then sign disclaimer.
2. Log in with your email and password, then click on any class - you'll be taken to the YOGA PACKAGES page
3. You can sign up for scheduled classes as soon as payment is made
Please read confirmation email after reserving your class (check you spam or trash email folders)

How to prepare for your first Hot Yoga class:
Hydrate! Drink several glasses of water the day before you take class
Arrive 10 minutes before the class begins
Avoid eating 2 hours before the class
Wear spandex shorts and sleeveless top or swimsuit/trunks
Bring a bottle of water, a couple of towels, a yoga mat and a positive attitude

About two years ago I returned to hot yoga after a years-long hiatus when I began training for a half-marathon. I'd had migraine headaches since I was a child, but once I started running they occurred more frequently. They were totally debilitating and happened almost once a week. I went back to yoga in the hopes that it would stop the migraines and balance out the negative effects of running.

I started practicing twice a week, and immediately the migraines stopped. I also lost weight, and because of the breathing exercises practiced in class, my lung capacity expanded considerably and enabled me to run longer without exhaustion.

After the half-marathon, I stopped running and increased my practice to a minimum of three times per week. The benefits increased: I was less anxious throughout the day. Although I never had a problem with alcohol, I suddenly lost any desire to consume it. I also stopped wanting to eat poultry and red meat, and I started craving some healthier food. The migraines have decreased in frequency from once or twice a month to twice a year. I appreciate the general level of fitness I now have. Because of yoga, I've gone from being the girl who loathed any physical activity to the one who is always up for a hike.

The biggest benefits of all have been mental. I am calmer in my daily life than I ever have been, even on the days I don't practice yoga. It's also pretty cool to see myself on the days when I can hold Standing Bow or balance in Toe Stand!

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