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Since I started practicing yoga, I feel less stressed out and I love how my skin feels! I came in to your studio back in July while dealing with generalized anxiety which was disrupting my life. I had been experiencing this on and off since January and I had just gone to the doctor and got a prescription to relieve anxiety onsets temporarily (which I never ended up having to take thanks to yoga). I was nervous while driving to the point where I had to have someone in a car with me to feel completely comfortable, I would feel anxiety out in public, experienced really bad pressure headaches during the day, tightness in my chest, random pains throughout my body,and was constantly fearing death. I felt overwhelmed constantly and was even told by the Doctor that I was displaying symptoms of depression. I felt lost and wanted to get my life back without having to take medication.

After my first class, I felt the most energy throughout my body than I had felt in a while. I couldn't sleep but I felt so rejuvenated that I knew I had made the right decision to start doing hot yoga. I decided to do the 30 day challenge immediately and although during the first 30 days I still struggled with anxiety, I felt I was getting my life back so I decided to do yoga for 60 days. It was within these next 30 days that I started to no longer feel the nervousness while driving, started going out again, and enjoyed doing things without pain and worry, but with a feelings of happiness. I then decided I could do it for another 30 days.

Looking back from Jan-July, I am not the same person that I was then. I am alive and well and my mind and body are stronger than ever. It is amazing what yoga has done for me inside and out. I am happy to say that I experience little to no anxiety on a regular basis and I am able to remain calm in stressful situations. I am happy to say that I was able to regain my health naturally.

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